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The ice cream and frozen yogurt franchise company Yolé No Sugar Added lands in Portugal. As a result of the Master Franchise agreement signed in the neighboring country, Yolé has opened its first store in the Alegro Montijo Shopping Center, in Lisbon.

LISBON, October 7, 2020. YOLÉ, the growing brand of ice cream and frozen yogurt without added sugar, arrives in Portugal with its first store in Lisbon and an expansion plan to the rest of the country in 2020 and 2021.


Portugal opens the European path of an ambitious brand expansion project that began in 2018 in Asia, where YOLÉ has a strong presence, with stores and distribution in the retail channel in 4 countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Cambodia.


Consolidated in the Asian market due to its exceptional taste, YOLÉ embarked on the challenge of making its ice cream a healthier product without compromising the flavor, a hallmark of the brand. After several years of research, in 2019, the YOLÉ product development team achieved what seemed impossible: a product that retains 100% of its flavor, significantly reducing calories without adding a gram of sugar.


The blind tastings carried out so far are yielding surprising results, positioning the brand at levels similar to and higher than those of leading brands with added sugar, which is generating high expectations from distributors and investors.


This opening in Lisbon is the first of several in Portugal and will be followed soon by other regions. YOLÉ also opened its headquarters in Spain, its founders' motherland, and the origin of the raw materials with which its ice creams are produced.


During the first weekend at the Montijo opening, Manuel Dominguez, responsible for the brand in Spain and Portugal, collected some of the comments he received from customers. "Generally, consumers trying our ice creams are surprised to find no difference in flavor with other ice creams with added sugar," says Domínguez. He also emphasizes the importance of this first store in Portugal: "it represents for us the first milestone to get closer to western markets, where we come from. We are aware that the European market is hungry for frozen desserts, but we also know that it is a demanding market quality and taste-wise. That makes us sure of the uniqueness of YOLÉ, which makes the best flavor of ice cream healthier".


The brand manager adds that, far from reducing activity during the current pandemic, YOLÉ is working hard to promote and bring the product to all audiences through all channels. The opening of the store in Montijo and others that will follow is the result of this work.


YOLÉ was born out of its founders' determination to create healthy ice cream with an exceptional flavor and the vision to bring this product to all corners of the world. To do this, in addition to its franchise expansion plan with soft ice creams, the brand has entered the FMCG channel with tubs and bars for home consumption. YOLÉ currently is present in more than 600 supermarkets and 30 stores in 5 countries, to which Portugal is now joining and soon other European countries.



Manuel Domínguez Marsal

Key Account Manager Europa

PHOTOS & logo:


Yolé Kiosk at Alegro Montijo Mall.

PT 3.jpg

Customers at the Alegro Montijo Mall Yolé Kiosk.

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Yolé Ibiza cup preparation.

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