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Yolé, the Spanish ice cream and frozen yogurt franchise company, already manufactures its revolutionary recipe for frozen yogurt and soft ice cream without added sugar in different parts of the world. 

SINGAPORE, November 11th 2020. It has been some years of hard work and firm commitment to get to the photo that accompanies this article: the first box that contains powder for the production of "soft" ice cream and frozen yogurt without adding a gram of sugar and low in calories.


Yolé was born from the experience in ice cream franchises of its founders, the Díaz brothers. As in their other restaurant products, the Díaz wanted to go a step further and start a Spanish food tech with a clear objective: to create an ice cream as good as those existing in the market, or better, but reducing the added sugar from traditional ice creams.


The company set up two laboratories, in Spain and Singapore, to work in parallel and invited a team of ice cream experts, nutritionists and biochemists from different parts of the world, to develop a new product. A product not seen before. A frozen dessert so flavorful that doesn’t seem a "light" product.


“We wanted to compete with the flavor leaders like Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry, without all the sugar that conventional ice creams add. An ice cream, that when you try it, you will not know that it is low in calories", a Yolé representative says.


This is how at the beginning of 2020, after many months of research and many tests, Yolé achieved a milestone in the ice cream field: launching the world's first frozen yogurt without added sugar and with 55 calories (per 100 ml). The industry has not seen something like this before.


"We are very proud to have achieved a unique healthy product preserving the traditional flavor of ice cream, applying state of the art technology in frozen food" the brand declares.


Yolé began to do blind tests, changing the frozen yogurt with sugar for the new Yolé without added sugar and low in calories. The result surprised inside and outside the company. "Not one of the more than ten thousand customers who have tried our frozen yogurt noticed the difference," affirms the Yolé representative.


Since then, and despite COVID, many companies from different countries around the world have been interested in Yolé franchises, to set up the first stores and kiosks and see the first boxes with this "magic" powder arrive in their countries.


At the beginning of last October, Yolé opened its first unit in the Iberian territory at the Alegro-Montijo shopping center, in Lisbon. Portugal thus opened the European path of an ambitious project to expand the brand that began in Southeast Asia, where Yolé has a strong presence with its own stores in Singapore and franchises in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Cambodia. In addition, Yolé has also entered the retail channel in more than 600 supermarkets where the brand distributes its frozen products in tub format and bars.



Diego Romero

Comunication Department

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