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A low investment with a high and fast profitability model with no sugar added frozen desserts that compete in flavor with sugar added leading brands.

SINGAPORE, November 3rd. Yolé, the no sugar added ice cream and frozen yogurt brand, launches an ambitious expansion plan worldwide. Consolidated in the Asian market as healthier frozen desserts with an exceptional taste, Yolé is now implementing its expansion in Asia, Europe, and America throughout the next two years. 


As a business opportunity, Yolé brings very strong points to any prospective candidate. First, a unique low-calorie product that, in blind tastings carried out so far, ranks at similar or higher levels of leading brands with added sugar, generating high expectations from distributors and investors.


Second, the Yolé franchise is an exceptional opportunity for any investor to enter a business model that requires a low investment entry and generates high and fast profitability, thanks to a system capable of creating the optimal space tailored to the franchisee’s needs.


The brand offers three types of turnkey units with infinite possibilities: kiosks (designed in modules to be installed in malls, stations, and airports), food trucks (as the perfect mobile solution for exterior and events), and stores (where the brand offers tailored solutions to each space all that with a minimalist, sustainable, and functional design).


Besides Yolé’s experience and success in the industry, franchisees receive training and continuous support from Yolé Head Quarters. The brand provides everything necessary, including support in marketing and promotions, social media content, campaigns, special events, and merchandising, among others.


In addition to its franchise expansion plan with soft ice creams, the brand has an omnichannel distribution strategy and has entered the FMCG channel with tubs and bars for home consumption. This strategy reinforced the brand’s awareness improving all channels results. Yolé is currently present in more than 600 supermarkets and 30 stores in 5 countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia, and recently, Portugal, where the brand started its European expansion with the plan to open soon in other European countries and America. 





The Yolé experience is based on taste and natural ingredients and an innovative recipe to offer a healthier option for ice cream lovers, plus an impressive selection of formats, flavors and toppings that allow customers to make their own creations.


Soon after a successful beginning in 2018, the Yolé’s development and research team went on the search for healthier formula that would preserve its full flavor. Two years later, the brand launched this low-calorie product that competes in flavor with the leading brands but without adding a gram of sugar. And all that with top quality Spanish ingredients, not in vain, the brand has the International Featured Standard (IFS), and Food is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certificates.


Yolé laboratories in Spain, Italy, and Singapore are continually developing in search of new products to satisfy new markets, as Yolé expands around the world.


In its international expansion plan, Yolé does not neglect respect for the environment. For this reason, YOLE kiosks are made with Sonae Arauco (PEFC certified) panels that use wood from forest improvement cuts to promote the vitality of the trees that will remain. This prevents logging, reduces waste, and causes a less environmental impact. In the process, 30 trees are planted for every Yolé kiosk open.


Yolé is here to change the ice cream industry's landscape with an innovative product and an overwhelming offer of options for the consumer and the investor.


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Oscar Castellanos

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