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Yole is the world’s 1st brand of soft ice cream and frozen yogurt No Sugar Added.

SINGAPORE, 29 December. Yolé premieres its first flagship in Singapore with its store at VivoCity #01-98. A 140m2 space that will surprise the visitor, for the spectacular flavor of Yolé's frozen treats, for the hundreds of options to create a unique dessert, and even more, because Yolé  VivoCity has been designed as a space to explore and experience the new era of the ice cream. 


At the new Yolé store, the visitor will find a whole new ice cream and frozen yogurt experience. Yolé offers an extensive menu of flavours and formats to enjoy the most delicious soft ice cream and frozen yogurt in cups, twists, shakes, boba shakes, ibizas, and now, premiering in Singapore, scoops and fresh-made cones and waffles. 


All these options, mixed with all the topping and sauce combinations, will allow the customer to experiment with their creativity. And there is more. The new Yolé flagship will have available tubs, bars, and of course Yoléboxes, for those who want to take their Yolé ice cream home. At Yolé VivoCity, all the possible options are available. 


The store is also a multi-sensory experience that invites the visitor to interact and enjoy the space. Two giant LED screens at the front door, the ceiling lighting installation, an interactive light wall inside and the contemporary design of the store will make a joy for the senses and a playground for the brain.



Yolé supports environmentally sound forestry, helping to preserve valuable resources for future generations. Well-managed forests provide clean air and water, maintain soil quality, preserve biodiversity and habitats, and sequester CO2, among many other ecosystem services.


The wood supplier companies for Yolé stores and kiosks comply with the environmental PEFC, FSC, and LEED certificates. For each Yolé unit built, 30 trees are planted. 


Yolé is also reducing plastics usage, substituting them for biodegradable and compostable wooden spoons, ensuring that they are manufactured from materials sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Its cups are made of paper and recyclable material.





In 2019, Yolé surprised the market with a disruptive product: a No Sugar Added ice cream and frozen yogurt. Since then, Yolé has led a revolution in the ice cream and frozen yogurt industry. This new formula entails healthier desserts full of flavor from only 55 calories per 100ml.


The secret to Yolé's 100% natural flavor is in the top-quality ingredients, and recipes are original from Italian and Spanish ice cream makers. This means healthier low-calorie frozen treats with a flavor that ranks top in blind tests competing with leader brands with sugar in the market. 


The brand is currently present in 6 countries with 30 stores and products in more than 600 supermarkets. That includes Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia, and Portugal, expanding rapidly to other countries in Europe and America soon. 

Contact information:

Diego Romero 

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