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The diversification of the products developed by the brand has allowed us to face a difficult year, despite which the brand has grown and obtained benefits.

SINGAPORE, February 1, 2021.


The Yolé brand has ended a tough year with a growth in the number of customers, stores and channels, despite the restrictions of COVID, its managers are satisfied with the brand's achievements that are summarized here:


  • After years of R&D, Yolé has launched its new range of products for supermarkets, without added sugar and with low calories, but keeping the flavor. In addition, Yolé became present in more than 600 supermarkets in Singapore and Indonesia, the first two countries where they landed their tubs and bars on FMCG channels (supermarkets).


  • There has also been an extraordinary increase in sales in the delivery channels (Deliveroo, Grab, FoodPanda and others). Thanks to the fact that Yolé designed and implemented the delivery channel strategy before COVID, sales then increased by more than 300% in these channels during lock-down, which meant that the Yolé units had substituted traditional sales with another channel. After lock-down, delivery sales stabilized and are already more than double the sales of 2019.


  • Launched for the first time in the market of frozen yogurt and soft ice-cream without added sugar and low in calories. After years of research, Yolé has managed to be the first brand to launch ice creams with all the flavor of traditional ice creams but healthier, via several channels. In October 2020 it was sold in the first store in Singapore and in the coming months of 2021 it will be available in the rest of the Yolé stores in the world. Yolé has thus become a 100% no added sugar brand.


  • The opening of the first stores with the new Yolé look. In the last quarter of 2020, Yolé revolutionized the look and feel of its stores to update their image to a natural and healthy product for customers. Following this, in December 2020, the applauded new image was inaugurated in the store of the Vivocity shopping center in Singapore, which has become the flagship of the brand in the world.


  • Opening of the first store in Europe. In the last quarter of 2020, Yolé opened its first store in Portugal, the result of an agreement with an experienced franchisee from that country. In addition, Yolé opened offices in Spain to support the expansion in Europe.

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